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New Versatile, Lightweight 1/2” Drill from Metabo Provides Extremely High Torque; Easy Handling

WEST CHESTER, Pa. December 2009 – Metabo Corporation, a leading international manufacturer of professional grade portable electric power tools and abrasives for industrial, construction and welding applications, now offers a lightweight, rugged 1/2" drill that provides up to 248 in-lbs of torque with an 8.2 A motor.

With an ergonomic pistol-grip design and easily accessible trigger button, the new BE1020 1/2” drill is especially ideal for joiners, fitters, HVAC installers or any user who requires a universal, high performance tool for drilling both large and small holes in almost any type of metal or wood material.  For use in even more applications, users can remove the chuck and access the drill’s spindle with a hexagon recess that accepts screwdriver bits up to 1/4" for driving applications.

Combined with Metabo’s new drill stand (product # 6.00890.00) that enables a maximum drilling depth of 2-9/16 inches, the BE1020 easily transforms into a portable drill press. The new drill press features an adjustable depth stop limit, a stable base plate with grooves to lock the machine vise and unobstructed access to the drill controls.

An axial/radial fan cools the drill to provide extended tool life.  The BE1020 drill weighs only 5.1 lbs and has a 2-speed gearbox, a thumbwheel to preselect tool speed and Metabo’s unique S-automatic torque-controlling safety clutch, which helps protect both the operator and the tool in the case of a jammed bit.
In addition, the tool’s winding protection grid deflects harmful airborne debris away from armature windings, increasing the life of the motor by up to 5 times over tools without this feature.  The new drill features an electronic carbon brush wear indicator that flashes when the carbon brushes need changing, enabling the user to change them before damage can occur to the motor.

Vario-Tacho-Constimatic (VTC) full-wave electronic speed control allows the speed of the drill to be set to the relevant material-specific cutting speed, making the tool adaptable for almost any application.  Because the speed selected always remains constant, the tool performs with greater precision and speed, even at the rated load and under harsh conditions.

The tool is designed for ease of use. A reversing switch is equally available to both right- and left-handed operators, and an extra long side handle increases operator control. The strain relief on the power cord allows for storage of the chuck key and screwdriver bits.

Drilling capacity for the BE1020 is 5/8” in steel and 1-9/16” in softwood.  The drill has a no-load speed (rpm) of 0-900/0-2,600 and a rated input of 1020 W.  The gear housing is die-cast aluminum.  The new tool comes with a geared chuck, chuck key and side handle as standard.

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ABOUT METABO: Metabo, a leading international manufacturer of professional grade portable electric power tools and abrasives for industrial, construction and welding applications, has international headquarters in Nurtingen, Germany and U.S. headquarters in West Chester, Pennsylvania.  The company has focused its product development on technological advancements in electronic circuitry and mechanical design, which has resulted in high performance, durable electric power tools.  The name Metabo is German for "metal-boring," symbolic of the company's first tool -- a metal-boring tool -- manufactured in 1924.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Product available for demo or review.