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Cordless Reciprocating Saw From Metabo Features Toolless Blade Change System

WEST CHESTER, Pa. September 2010 – Metabo Corporation, a leading international manufacturer of professional grade portable electric power tools and abrasives for industrial, construction and welding applications, now offers the ASE18 LTX 18V cordless reciprocating saw with the “Quick” toolless blade change system for safe and easy tool-free blade changes.  The new saw is ideal for a variety of carpentry, roofing, heating and air-conditioning applications. 
The ASE18 LTX, part of Metabo’s 18 V PowerMasterSeries cordless tool line, has an ergonomically designed handle with rubber coating that reduces operator fatigue as well as a two-finger power switch that increases user comfort for longer operation.

The new reciprocating saw features a toolless adjustable shoe that allows the operator to use the entire length of the blade evenly, extending blade life.  

The ASE18 LTX comes equipped with two 18V Li-Ion extreme batteries that increase service life of the tool up 1,500 charges when compared to traditional NiCd or Ni-MH rechargeable batteries.  The new reciprocating saw also runs longer because the lithium-ion batteries have 40 percent higher performance than traditional chargeable batteries.  

The ASE18 LTX utilizes Metabo’s patented air-cooled 30 minute charging system to increase performance and keep the tool working longer between battery charges. The system cools both the battery and charger, keeping the battery at the optimum charging temperature.  

Metabo’s innovative Electronic Single Cell Protection (ESCP) also increases the service life of the battery by monitoring the individual battery cells during both the charging and discharging process.  Cells are prevented from deep discharge while working and from overcharging while charging.  In addition, the battery packs are protected by Metabo’s industry-leading XXL three-year warranty that covers tools and chargers as well.

The new saw delivers 0-2,700 strokes per minute, with a stroke length of 1 1/16”.  The tool weighs just 7.9 lbs and is 18” long.  In addition to the two 18 V Li-Ion extreme batteries, a three Bi-metal saw blade assortment, battery charger and carrying case come standard with the tool.

Video footage of the new PowerMasterSeries is available at

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ABOUT METABO: Metabo, a leading international manufacturer of professional grade portable electric power tools and abrasives for industrial, construction and welding applications, has international headquarters in Nurtingen, Germany and U.S. headquarters in West Chester, Pennsylvania.  The company has focused its product development on technological advancements in electronic circuitry and mechanical design, which has resulted in high performance, durable electric power tools.  The name Metabo is German for “metal-boring,” symbolic of the company’s first tool -- a metal-boring tool -- manufactured in 1924.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Product available for demo or review.