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Cordless site light BSA 14.4-18 LED

So much light.
The new cordless site light BSA 14.4 - 18 LED

Light up the dark! The 18 LED’s of our powerful and robust cordless site light provides you with uniform illumination over a large working area. Up to 7 hours run time is possible with one fully charged 5.2 Ah battery pack.

Cordless site light BSA 14.4-18 LED

  • Powerful cordless site light with 18 LEDs for extensive and even illumination of the workplace, also suitable for surface processing
  • The Metabo cordless system: The site light can be operated with all Li-Power Compact, Plus and Extreme battery packs with 14.4 and 18 volts.
  • Robust, durable and with a long service life for demanding applications on construction sites. Housing and glass can be cleaned with a damp cloth
  • Very bright and pleasant light, inspired by daylight, with two illumination levels (max. 1,800 lumen)
  • Extremely long-lasting illumination of up to 7 hours per battery charge
  • Minimum heat generation: The light gets only warm to the touch, therefore safe handling even during long hours of operation
  • Handles and light, compact design for quick change of position and for on the go
  • Light can be swivelled quickly and infinitely by 180°
  • Rubberised stand for secure positioning and gentle use on delicate surfaces
  • It can also be suspended from a wall or on a tripod

Comparative technical values:

Order no. 6.02111.85
Maximum duration of illumination :  
18 V / 5,2 Ah: 7,0 h
18 V / 4,0 Ah: 5,4 h
18 V / 3,0 Ah: 4,0 h
18 V / 1,5 Ah: 2,0 h
14,4 V / 4,0 Ah: 4,3 h
14,4 V / 3,0 Ah: 3,2 h
14,4 V / 1,5 Ah: 1,6 h
Weight (without battery pack) 2,5 kg