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Corporate Structure

Production facilities and subsidiaries of the Metabo-Group

The subsidiaries of the Metabo-Group

USA, West Chester (Pennsylvania) Metabo Corporation 1971
Spain, Madrid Herramientas Metabo S.A. 1973
South Africa, Johannesburg Metabo Power Tools (Pty) Ltd. 1974
Austria, Salzburg/Linz Metabo Austria Ges mbH 1981
Netherlands, Breukelen Metabo Nederland B.V. 1982
France, Montigny-le-Bretonneux Metabo S.A.S. 1984
Australia, Rowville Metabo Pty. Ltd 1986
Rep. Czech, Brandys nad Labem Metabo s.r.o. 1994
Switzerland, Zürich Metabo (Schweiz) AG 1995
Hongkong Metabo Asia Ltd 1997
Norway, Sandefjord Metabo Norge A/S 1998
Denmark, Herlev Metabo Danmark A/S 1998
Sweden, Jönköpping Metabo Sverige AB 1998
Belgium, Brussels Metabo Belgium 1999
Canada, Mississauga (Ontario) Metabo Canada Inc. 1999
Great Britain, Southhampton Metabo UK 1999
Poland, Stargard Metabo Polska 1999
Russia, Moscow OOO Metabo Eurasia 2004
Hungary, Budapest Metabo Magyarország 2004
China, Shanghai Metabo China 2004
United Arab Emirates, Dubai M & V 2005
Ukraine, Kiev TOB Metabo Ukraina 2008
Slovenia, Šenčur Metabo prodaja električnih orodij d.o.o. 2009
Panama, Panama City Metabo Latin America S.A. 2012


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