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LTX BRUSHLESS: Revolutionary, powerful and precise

Compact and light

  • Smallest size in this class
    for comfortable working
  • Lowest weight (1.7 kg) in this class
    for low-fatigue working
  • Highest power/weight ratio

Unique precision

  • Unique Metabo torque selector for precise driving of screws even for very small screws into soft wood.
  • Metabo Impuls: Selectable "impuls" mode for precise driving and easy removal of jammed screws and precise spot-drilling on hard materials.

Fast and powerful

  • 2,050 revolutions
  • High torque (44 Nm / 90 Nm)
  • thanks to innovative, powerful Metabo brushless motor, developed on the basis of the Ultra-M technology for fast work progress when drilling and screwdriving. For screw sizes up to max. 10 x 400 mm.
  • In combination with torque attachment PowerX3:
    Triples the torque for screws up to max. 12 x 600 mm
  • Metabo Quick-System: quick change without tools for faster working
  • Powerful from the smallest to the largest screw

Intelligent brushless motors thanks to Ultra-M technology

  • Developed on the basis of the Ultra-M technology, brushless Metabo motors offer optimum energy utilisation.
  • In combination with the intelligent torque selection for more precision: Screws from Ø 3 mm can be screwed in flush with always the same precision. The torque setting 1 – 4 ensures that apart from the power also the speed is automatically adapted, permitting precise working particularly for small screws.
  • At the touch of a button you can switch between maximum power, impulse mode and preset torque. This lets you work faster for changing applications.
  • Increase in efficiency by means of energy recovery into the battery pack: The energy generated when the motor stops is automatically returned to the battery pack.

Technical data

  BS 18 LTX BL Quick SB 18 LTX BL Quick
Order no. 6.02197 6.02199
Weight with 5.2 Ah battery pack    
– with Quick drill chuck 1,9 kg 2,0 kg
– without Quick drill chuck 1,7 kg 1,8 kg
Chuck capacity 1,5 – 13 mm 1,5 – 13 mm
Drill diameter    
– Wood 50 mm 50 mm
– Steel 13 mm 13 mm
– Masonry - 16 mm
No-load speeds 0–600 / 0–2.050 /min 0 – 600 / 0 – 2.050 /min
Max. impact rate - 38.950 /min
Max. torque soft/hard 44 Nm / 90 Nm 44 Nm / 90 Nm
Pulse torque 49 Nm 49 Nm


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Download: Metabo "The cordless drills/screwdrivers and impact wrenches

3 year battery pack warranty

The Metabo Ultra-M technology permits us to grant you a 3-year warranty on the battery pack – no matter how often you have recharged the battery pack. For all voltage and capacity classes from Metabo.