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Metabo: Introduces A New Line of Heavy Duty, Dustless Concrete Grinders

The Safest, Most Powerful and Durable Grinders in Their Class
June 2014 – West Chester, PA
– Metabo Corporation, a leading international manufacturer of professional grade hand-held power tools and accessories, is pleased to introduce its new line of heavy duty, dustless concrete/renovation grinders. These new grinders feature a high torque gear ratio and a unique new dustless shroud system designed specifically for tough concrete applications.
The RF14-115 (4.5”) hand-held concrete scarifier’s powerful 12.2 Amp motor drives a unique cutter head that contains 15 replaceable carbide star cutters designed for heavy duty renovation work such as plaster milling, old paint removal or roughing for final finishing.  Additionally, its triple gear reduction results in a variable speed motor range of 800-2800 RPM, allowing for superior control of the tool and material removal rate.
The RS14-125 (5”) concrete grinder features a 12.2 Amp motor and a variable speed motor range of 2000-7000 RPM.  While its counterpart, the RS17-125 (5”), features an extremely powerful high torque 14.2 Amp motor that produces the industry’s highest removal rates.  These hand-held grinders are designed for leveling uneven concrete, removing parting lines or removal of old coatings.
Both the RS14 and RS17 incorporate an all new aluminum die-cast shroud that uses a patented airflow system to optimize dust extraction and features a spring hinge-mounted front flap for finishing flush to a wall. Additionally the shroud uses a long-lasting, replaceable floating brush skirt that enables the brush to better conform to the terrain of the working surface. Combined with the ergonomically-designed, five-position D-Handle, the shroud also provides a perfect counterbalance to the tools for exceptional handling.
“These are not converted metal grinders,” said Terry Tuerk, Sr. Product Manager. “As with all of Metabo power tools, these new grinders were created for a specific purpose and application; they were designed from the ground up with the power and durability to handle the extremely harsh conditions of the concrete grinding industry.”

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ABOUT METABO: Metabo, a leading international manufacturer of professional grade portable electric power tools and abrasives for industrial, construction and welding applications, has international headquarters in Nurtingen, Germany and U.S. headquarters in West Chester, Pennsylvania.  The company has focused its product development on technological advancements in electronic circuitry and mechanical design, which has resulted in high performance, durable electric power tools.  The name Metabo is German for “metal-boring,” symbolic of the company’s first tool -- a metal-boring tool -- manufactured in 1924.

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