About Metabo
Product Design

It started with an idea - the new Metabo cordless drills

Now we will explain the different stages of the designing process of a cordless drilling machine. It all starts with the user-oriented desire for such a machine. Then the new product has to be defined, initial sketches and studies are necessary before the electric tool can be produced. In addition, you will gain an insight into the possible future of hand-operated electric tools: Have a look at the pocket-drill which is nearly as small as your own hand.

The Customer

It always starts with the demands and wishes of our customers.
Above all, this means for the new products that they always have to meet the following needs of our customers: an ease of operation, a very high power reserve and a long operating time without having to change the battery and a very low weight.

The Idea

Based on consumer requirement, our engineers created some initial sketches and ideas for the realisation of the project. These sketches mainly defined the basic lines for the design. These sketches helped us to coordinate the first stages of work between the design department and the engineering department.

The Development

In order to realize the project we had to consider all aspects concerning the construction, the production and ergonomics. The housing was built according to the dimensions of the motor, the ventilator, the gear-box, etc. The result of this coordination was recorded in a two-dimensional sketch.

The 3D-Surface Model

The next step was to use the 2D-data from the product design for a 3D-model. For the first time we were able to check all elements from the construction and the design in a virtual model.

The Model

The next step was to mill a real 3D-model according to the 3D-data. This model was used for first performance testings. After several months of work it was the first time that we could touch and test the product of our efforts on its handling.

The FEM-Calculation

The 3D-data was accurately checked by means of simulation modelling. We tested the strength of materials under continuous operation such as possible fracture points and ductile behaviour at high temperatures. This data resulting from simulation may reduce the need for time-consuming tests with real models and fasten dramatically the development process of a product.

You see an increasing deformation from the blue colour to the red colour. The maximum deformation of the respective shape is shown by the red colour in the scale. The presentation of the deformation is also standardised to the maximum deformation.


Our engineers and product designers keep on working out ideas and studies for new innovative products. Sometimes they create sketches which go far beyond the so called electric tool. Here we would like to present one of these studies: A pocket-drill which is nearly as small as the guiding hand. At the mo-ment this study cannot be realized. We should not forget the great possibility for development of battery-operated tools and, above all, the general trend towards miniaturization of parts. Therefore it is very likely that such tools will be produced in the near future.


Local Distributors

Metabo is a brand designed for professional users. We develop our power tools in conjunction with you, our customers in the trade, and test them the way you use them. We keep a close eye on the market and react quickly to meet your needs. We concentrate on the things that really make your day easier whether it be on site, in workshops or in production halls.