Stainless steel new products

Our range of stainless steel products

Metabo tools have a reputation for outstanding quality, high performance and longevity. These qualities are apparent in our new tools designed to speed the finishing of all metals, particularly stainless steels.  

Time is money. Job by job, time saved is profit gained. Metabo tools are engineered just for that reason; to give the greatest return on your investment.

A perfect match. Metabo INOX tools with VTC Electronic Speed Stabilization and Metabo Pyramid Abrasives. Finer finishes faster! The VTC electronics maintain the speed of the tools, even when fully engaged in the work, so your job is completed in the shortest time. Metabo Pyramid Abrasives shorten the time required to get to the final finish. The structured geometric placement of the abrasives allow finer grit sizes to remove more material while giving a consistent finish, eliminating steps required to get to the required finish.