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Strategy and Vision

We have a vision...

Since the beginning of the 19th century, when the electric drill was invented, electric tools have opened an increasing range of possibilities for designing work and living spaces. We believe that this development will continue and even accelerate into the next century. In the future, electric tools will be presented to the end-user as efficient "problem solvers" for sophisticated jobs.
At Metabo, we will continue to explore the potential for technological and application-oriented further development of electric tools.

A dynamic and accelerating process of change shapes our modern society. Trends such as miniaturization, platform strategies and data driven information management are revolutionizing the workplace. We aim to set an example through shorter innovation cycles, a client-oriented outlook and innovative products.

For example, our Paint Stripper (Remover) Lf 714, which was developed and put on the market in 1997. It was a brand new - previously unknown - product that enabled the user to quickly remove paint from flat surfaces in only ca. 30% of the time needed using conventional electric tools (ca. 70% savings in time). To be continued.

Our concept is not confined to offering individual products - as high quality and as innovative as they are. Metabo offers a "full line" that covers the entire spectrum of hand-held, semi-stationary and stationary electric tools, and is therefore able to position itself in the market as a systems supplier. We are able to offer products to our clients in the proverbial "Metabo quality" from our coordinated family of products covering all applications.

In view of the transformation of our industrial economy into a modern service and information economy, it has become increasingly important to offer services connected with core products. This has become a crucial factor in determining the existence and ultimately the survival of companies. We are rising to this challenge by following a client-oriented and service-oriented path that encompasses the production and the R & D departments in addition to field service.

In the past few years, the strict orientation of our company policy to fulfilling the demands and needs of the market has meant that Metabo - despite a stagnating market in both quantity and sales terms - has been able to achieve a significant rate of growth. Our declared goal for the coming years is to continue this development.

This is not an academic exercise. People are responsible for the ideas that are developed further and then put into practice. Every one of our approximately 2,600 employees plays an important role in the development of our future. Success in the marketplace begins by realizing that the company's greatest assets are the employees.


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... In the future, electric tools will continue to play an important role in the formation of humankind's environment and surroundings.

Through innovation and optimization, electric tools will become more application-friendly, more ergonomic and safer.

Metabo offers the complete range of products from hand-held to stationary electric tools.

... Naturally, Metabo also offers the service that goes along with our tools and machines.

... By offering above-average products and services, we at Metabo are looking forward to an above-average market development.

... The development and the realization of our visions are based on the commitment of everyone at Metabo.